Enough of Kasol, have you heard of Rasol?

“You will not land up there, you must reach.”

Kasol, a rustic small town in the midst of Parvati valley in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, used to be a place for nomadic foreigners sometimes back. The place was calm, peaceful and serene until it became Baga of mountains. No offence to domestic traveler but there are things which we only like them to be, in the way they used to be. Nature is delicate and there is a way to handle that delicacy, which we lack mainly. Proof of that is that people like Yuraj Pradhan had to come forward and clean the massive pile of plastic waste from foothills of the Himalayas (Click Here for News Article) left behind by tourist. Imagine that pile right in front of your house or in garden and think is that what you want your next generation to see.

Thanks to irresponsible social media as well that Kasol is slowly losing its charm and its again social media which is going to save it. If we read about it and become a sensible tourist. And there is still time. Leave Kasol alone for some time. Go to Rasol. There is difference of only one letter. But, jokes apart, its time that we preserve the beauty of Kasol. And for that matter handle it delicately and give respect to the nature it deserve by being a responsible traveler.

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From Kasol we wanted to travel to the less busy Chalal. To reach Chalal, we had to first cross the gurgling waters of Parvati River via the suspension bridge, and then make our way through the beautiful pine forests. If you are looking to escape the crowd of Kasol, the charming village of Chalal is your ideal destination. Many travelers choose to stay in Chalal for budgeted stays and close proximity to the main city of Kasol. #himachalpradesh #backpacking #moutainsarecalling #travel #igers_india #india #backpacker #backpackersofindia #backpackingheaven #kasol #kullu #chalal #rasol #parvativalley #himachalpradesh #himachaltourism #himachal_pradesh #incredibleindia #ghumakkadlife #nature #mountains #freshair #cleanair #travellingsisters

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Coming to Rasol, it is a fairy tale village with short but demanding trek. Destination is to take rest, road to destination is what you must cherish, goes perfectly well for Rasol. The road to Rasol is an amazing 4-hour long easy to moderate trek from Kasol. How to reach Kasol is explained in another blog post (click here to see). Once you reach Kasol you need to take the road for Chalal. Chalal is on the way to Rasol, half an hour trek from Kasol, which I’m sure you won’t mind once you be there. Peace, serenity, lesser crowd and amazing Instagram worthy vistas with even more amazing Israeli food. Stay here, take a breathe and move on. Moving on, this is what we feel in Mountains. We expect the more beauty and serenity as we put more efforts and move ahead with no perception in mind for next place and we never expect negative amongst mountains.


Around 3 hours of following the trail after taking left from the forbidden temple of Chalal, you will be in Rasol. You will see a colourful dhaba on the way, that’s the halfway and Rasol will be 90 minutes from there. The higher you go the more you will see mountains kissing clouds and pine trees getting thicker. Once you reach there, remember, rituals and rules are same, you can’t touch anybody or any sacred place, except you are ready to pay hefty fine and kicked out of the village right that moment. I’m sure you don’t want that. Sometimes, I just wonder why they don’t let them touch themselves  or any place, than I picture the situation of Kasol. Sometimes freedom with no limitations destroys everything you behold.

Steal Tip for smokers – If you are worried and you end up in Kasol only because of easy access to Hashish, than hold on, Rasol offers you Hashish of its own quality and type. Go for it.

Where to stay?

Just to give you  an idea how tough this question is, let me tell you there on 75 houses in Rasol and few cafes/guest houses. One of them is of Monty’s and few others with strict guidelines for outsiders. Monty’s being the best in the town, details are available online. But you can rest assured that you will get the accommodation on budget rates.

Monty’s Contact number as per my latest information is +91-83509 51635. Check before you go. If you don’t want to stay at guest house or any other hosting house than please carry your camping kit. As long as you are not troubling or interfering in the lives of locals you can camp at place you deem fit.

What to eat?

Food is quite costly in Rasol, owing to only one reason, connectivity. However you wont regret paying that much moment you take a bite. Taste of food is amazing. You must try the Israeli food here.

People often ask one thing, what to do in Rasol or Kasol or Tosh or Malana? I just simply wonder and watch their faces. What do you expect to do in the midst of the jungle when mighty mountains are right in front of you, with amazing background sound of chirping birds, distant loud noise of gushing waters, musty smell and aurora of nature, seems like a perfect play. I suggest, do nothing. Just take a chair behold the beauty of mountains, have a cup of coffee and just introspect. You will find the answers, that what are you doing there?

Go there and share you experience. If you have already been, thats even better, share your experience right away but never forget to share the message of being responsible traveler.

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Drop the names of the place you want to visit and follow the blog to get updates.

Will soon be coming with an amazing alternative next time.

Until then, Adios!!






9 thoughts on “Enough of Kasol, have you heard of Rasol?

  1. That’s interesting, I had not heard about Rasol. Hope it doesn’t go the Kasol way. And, people who ask what to do in places like these have not business going there in the first place! Apologies for saying that, but that’s how I feel 🙂

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  2. I had been to Kasol last summer and got a sad shock of my life! It was crowded and loud Punjabi music seemed to be the order of the day! And everybody there seemed to have no respect for the river and roads throwing litter all over. I took a long solitary walk by the river till I found a place to sit down and read and read for hours together! How I wish I could go there so very often!

    I just hope Rasol doesn’t become Kasol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its mountains everything is possible you just have to find rhe right person and trail. But i wont suggest because it will be longer from Malana for sure. For that matter you can combine it with tosh.



  3. We are planning to trekking at Kasol in the early April, 2019. Please leave comments to enlighten us about the general weather conditions, scenic beauty etc.

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    1. Its best time to trek in Parvati. Weather will be little warmer in afternoon however higher you trek better it gets. Although Kasol is a base town for most of the treks around. If you can trek little moderate trail you must try Rasol or Kheerganga. Read my post on Rasol and Kheerganga for better idea. Thanks and keep sharing. 🙂


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