They say I have changed. I say, I travelled.

                                        Well read is fine? Are you well travelled?

So there was a beautiful para I wrote for this post last night and accidentally didn’t save it. After that, I almost lost the interest to write about it again. Fighting to remember that spontaneous expression, here I’m, still writing. Because this is what travel does to a person. You become a storyteller and guide. And travelled. 


Sometimes I just wonder from where we get the urge to travel even when we are in the right place. Right, right because thats the world we chose to live in. The world, we are surrounded by, is the result of choices we have made and decision we have taken. Sum of all this. Yet we make efforts, put ourselves in trouble and go to travel, from the perfect place we have built. That’s the urge I’m talking about. We might hate admitting that but sometimes we just want to run away from the life we have built and get lost in wild. As they say building is easy, maintaining is difficult. Wilderness and human have a connection, connection which is only reachable on the heights of mountains, in depth of ocean, density of forest and midst of desert where mobile connection have no reach.

Nature is a stimulus for human. The forms are different for every person. There are people who get motivated and enlightened in mountains and also there are people who get motivated sitting down on beach and watching sunset. We must understand what stimulates us rather than just following mountain is calling. But why exactly?


The one reason I can see is, we, as humans, like challenges and knowing ourselves better. Curiosity, is the exact term. We often find ourselves in the middle of world we have built and just wonder, is this what I wanted? And this question comes to our mind at various phases of life. Sometimes, we just live with it and move on. , while at other times when life hits us hard, the curiosity to find those answers and the fact that the world we are surrounded by has no solution, thats where urge comes in play ! As a human, we always turn to nature when its about our do or die. We have that trust on nature, because its nature who keeps us alive after all everyday and without even a thank you, we enjoy that. There is a implied, invisible and un explainable relation & trust being shared by nature and human.

It is perhaps, may be this curiosity to figure out the the unanswered questions, to connect with oneself, with the inner self and higher self, which feeds every human’s urge to travel. To escape to their own kind of place, where one’s soul connects to the mother nature for just that leap of faith, needed at tough times. It gives a perspective to view things with broader outlook and let humans connect deeply with their inner self while  they find their own better and best self.

To explain this I have very interesting experience. I was on the way back from Kheerganga trek. I was sitting in between, taking rest gazing at trail and lot of people trekking up. River flowing along trek. It was perfect scene when the thought clicked in seeing river. River is the base of every civilisation. Thats where human came from and learnt. We have developed ourselves a lot but a gene in every human still loves nature. Human development have been around nature and with nature. We learn from nature because nature was before human. Human is a small fragment of the nature.


What nature and travel can do to a person is the amazing phenomenon in itself. It can bring a person from totally uncertainty of the life to a phase where person is focussed and successful. Its just that we have to find a right way to connect and learn from nature. Find your own stimulus and go with that. Don’t follow. Go and experience. Experience which you think you don’t want to waste your time in. Travel and get travelled.

Share your experiences. Share how travel has changed you? Sharing is amazing.

Keep liking and commenting.

Adios, until we share again. 🙂




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