The Portuguese India – Goa II

It is the second part (Part 1) and let me give you the glimpse of further journey by this photo. I, somehow, love this photo. With firm looks and stiffness of the body,  this kid’s expression says it all. The perfect photogenic face.

Arambol Beach, Goa

Leaving from Tarkarli, with new uncalled experience of jungle exploration and with plans of underwater adventure destroyed. It was not difficult for us, because Goa is ahead of us. We could have stayed in Tarkarli even if the snorkelling and diving was closed, but it was Goa ahead. We knew, no matter what time we reach, Goa will be most welcoming. So was it.

We reached around 1.15 AM and for our surprise, the whole Goa was lit with beautiful and colorful lights and environment was amazing with petrichor. It was Ganesh Chaturthi, widely celebrated festival in Maharashtra and Konkan region. Thanks to that, the entrance in Goa was dramatic with lights all around. Though, the lights were there to welcome Lord Ganesha but we just needed something to keep ourselves cheered.

Entry in Goa.

Ignore the quality of photo, it was from this side of glass with AC inside and drizzle outside.

We decided to go straight to Anjuna beach and bumped up in wine shop in between, picked up Corona, had it in minutes. Drizzle started again as we got into car, headed Anjuna. There cannot be any better welcome than this, after all the adventures of the day. We opened the trunk of the car and saved ourselves from rain.

We crashed directly into Curlies Beach Shack, Anjuna, with Corona down. The environment was vibrant. We pulled some chairs placed it facing the sea. Now we could feel that we are in Goa, cold and moist breeze with smell of ocean & mild psychedelic songs around you. The perfect feeling when you reach the destination through some dark clouds, clouds eventually you pass.

Meanwhile, the rooms were being hunted. Couldn’t find anything available at Anjuna, so zeroed down to Baga. Baga is favorite and great beach amongst family and domestic travellers. It was 2.30 am when we left from Anjuna. After having an amazing maggi and tea in between, we reached Baga around 3.00 am. We had to wake up the guy on reception and he gave us the first key on which he could lay his fingers, with sub conscious mind being in play.  This was the only resort where we could find something available. Goa is a popular destination for long weekends, in fact there is no better destination for Mumbaikars and Puneites than, Goa !!. The places were full and we could hardly find anything, until this.

Sand art on Calangute Beach, Goa.

The room and service were contrary to our expectation, at cost of INR 1500 per night, a room for three and extra bedding for one in INR 150, was not bad. We, at least here, need to thank social media for this, if not for other things. It was made possible by social media only that every tourist and travel voice their feedback, specially when its a bad one,  and review their trip on social media at one platform to another. This makes every businessmen more cautious & responsible for things they do and bring some accountability in whole eco system. Thanks social media !!!

We barged in the room, put the luggage aside and dozed off after changing. Tiredness had taken over and we passed out in no time, only to wake up to great swimming pool view. We didn’t know that it was there, until the dawn. It was not stopping to be a great trip till now. We had light breakfast & tea, got our heads in place and jumped in swimming pool. There is no better starting of the day, than this.

Vagator Beach, view from Chapora fort.

We spent almost 2 hours in the swimming pool. With plan of covering as many places as possible in a day on Activa. Yes, Activa as I said before, Goa is the perfect for Mumbaikars and Puneites for long weekend, with this it gets full with four wheelers, resulting in traffic jams. Hence it is advisable to always park your car in hotel and get a two wheelers to enjoy.

Random capture on the street.

We got the two Activa for INR 250 per day and started our day with a perfect breakfast. Nothing explains Goa better than this, breakfast with a pint of beer. It has become kind of ritual in Goa. After delightful breakfast, we headed for Aguada Fort. This fort is famous for its feature in Dil Chahta Hai!, a Bollywood movie casting Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan & Akshay Khanna. Story of three friends, with ups and downs of life, backpacked for Goa. A story most of nomads can relate to.

Bonus info: on the way to Aguada, there is a football ground in between. Stop by if you see any match happening. It will be a great experience. After Kerela, football is most played sport in Goa.

Aquada Fort – Goa

After a Quick lunch near football ground, we headed for our way to Chapora Fort. It is really a fun on Activa in Goa. It is a real fun on activa to roam around. The streets are narrower but beautiful, cinematic and picture perfect. The architecture of the small row houses with beautiful bright colors surrounded by greenery, is just amazing.

Steal Tip – On the way to Chapora there is one juice center called Jai Ganesh Juice and Ice Cream Centre. If you are stopping by this place, take a note Goa is famous for alcohol among domestic travellers and every second shop will offer you alcohol but getting fresh is juice is difficult. This is the best place in Goa where you can get fresh juice and good ice cream. Obviously, no great thing comes easily so does this juice in Goa. You will see a lot of rush and it will be as good as trekking a trail if you are able to place an order.

Our timing was tuning, and sky was turning orange. We reached there around 5 Pm and sunset was on the go. We didn’t know, until we reached that the Chapora is a perfect place to see the sunset. Height of the fort, then height of the walls of the fort and sitting on those walls gave a perfect view to sunset. Habitable and crowded beach on the left, vast ocean in front and sunset beyond everything. It was perfect place to sit and reflect. We were there until it got dark and left for hotel afterwards.

The day ended well with dinner at Curlie’s with beer and hookah followed by dinner. With hippies around mixed up with honeymoon couples. It was an amazing day in Goa, perfect vacation day.

The third and final part of it will follow soon.

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Until then, Adios.








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