The Portuguese India – Goa

“Learn falling like a waterfall. Falling every moment, yet spreading joy.” – amor_de_colinas Though, India has been ruled by the British for more than 200 years but the kind of culture Portuguese left behind in Goa, the so called Portuguese India, is the amazing thing in itself. Goa, also known as party destination of India, […]

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A Day at Tosh!! In Photoblog

It was a beautiful day at Tosh in January Last year. It rained the day we reached and cold was chilling. After the last nights’ snowfall, morning was bright as we sneaked out of room for Mama Miya restaurant. Food and tea were amazing. But most amazing thing was the view. Take a look. Even […]

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Scenic & Serene – Kheerganga

Why in good times or bad times, we be ready to travel? Its our genes who find trees, plant, river and mountains; more peaceful and attractive, making us to go back  from where it all started.   Night at Kheerganga was as blissful as I thought and expected it to be. From rounds of conversations with […]

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Serene Parvati Valley

 ” Understand, what attracts you is serenity not the view.” – @amor_de_colinas After a long day of travel, from Chandigarh, and treat to myself in Kasol here I’m all set for Kheerganga. The morning, in Kasol, was and is not different from a word what people say for Parvati Valley. The aroma of the nature […]

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